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Ductless Chemical

Fume Hoods

In addition to our tried and trusted Classic ductless chemical filtration fume hoods we can now offer the new Plug&Play fume hoods with a patented filtration system* ideal for eliminating contaminating gas and/or solid particles/aerosols simply and efficiently. Safe and cost-effective, these protect both the user and the environment. *Invention Patent 

Classic  Plug&Play

Vented Storage


The ventilated storage cupboard uses the patented filtration system that our chemical filtration fume hoods include. This comes with a ventilation system and a filtration system which prevents inflammable, corrosive and/or toxic products from building up inside the cupboard and being released into the laboratory or work space. Safe storage.

Vented Storage

PCR, Vertical and Horizontal

Laminar Flow Cabinets

We also offer vertical laminar flow cabinets and horizontal laminar flow cabinets, which are manufactured to ensure Class ISO 5 sterility. All of these are equipped with H14 HEPA filters that guarantee the reliability of the product being handled and protect this from any possible external contamination and from cross-contamination between samples. Total sterility.

Vertical  Horizontal  PCR

Powder Weighing Cabinets

In order to protect the operator during precision weighing operations, our weighing cabinets were designed to include double-HEPA filters to retain particles of over 0.3 microns. They come equipped with a main H14 filter and an H14 safety filter at the point of discharge. Optionally the latter can be replaced with an activated carbon filter at the same point.

Powder Weighing

Biosafety Cabinets

Our Class II A2 microbiological safety cabinets and our biosafety cytostatic cabinets, certified by Tüv pursuant to European Standard EN 12469, as well as the Class III Virus 3  cabinet, were developed to protect laboratory personnel and the environment from the pathogenic and cytostatic material handled and, at the same time, protect this from external contamination.

 Bio  Cyto Virus 3

CO2 Incubator

The new CO2 Incubator,  “Direct Heat”, with its automatic decontamination cycle, was designed to offer a stable environment that is perfectly adapted to cell and tissue culture, taking into account the most sophisticated demands of the people working in this area, regardless of whether the continuous culture or batch culture process is used.


A natural choice

with a cutting-edge design

Specially resistant and environmentally friendly materials. New practical and functional designs. Stringent quality controls and continuous research and development processes. A streamlined delivery service and the customized approach of our Customer Service Department.

This is how we have been working so far and this is our commitment for the future.

Modern design. Continuous innovation.

Nothing remains, everything changes. This idea reflects Cruma’s spirit of constant innovation. Designs that are aesthetic referents whose lines and strokes have the capacity to move. Pure beauty.

Enhanced security. Complete safety.

Thinking about your safety, we manufacture our equipment with rigorous filtration systems, alarm systems, warnings, etc. And we verify and approve them by an external laboratory of recognized prestige.

Customized products. Total customization.

At Cruma we have a wide range of standardized products. But we also know how to make the best custom suit. Tell us how you want it, and we will design and manufacture the product that best suits your needs.

Top performance.

In our quest to create products of the highest quality that fully meet the security needs of our customers, we comply with the requirements and recommendations of international standards.

Top quality. Top safety.

Certificates according to EN ISO 9001: 2015, present throughout the entire process of designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and distributing our products. We manufacture in Barcelona with European materials.

Maximum Guarantee. Guaranteed quality

Quality guarantees our products and services. And our guarantee is the result. At Cruma we offer a 10 year warranty on all our cabins and cabinets manufactured in our company.

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