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Biosafety Cabinet Class III


powered by Euroclone

The latest Covid-19 virus represents a risk and a threat of unimaginable proportions for the whole world!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Cruma Virus 3 model, a Class III microbiological safety cabinet developed by Euroclone® in Italy.

Despite the years of research carried out on the Ebola virus, it has still not been possible to deliver vaccines or any other type of treatment to the population at risk or to the teams providing medical care. Hence, there is currently no type of prophylaxis or treatment for an infection caused by the Ebola virus. For this reason the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified Ebola as a risk-group 4 pathogenic virus. According to the WHO, a risk-group 4 pathogen must be handled at containment level 4, using protective clothing and working with a Class III Microbiological Safety cabinet.


Yes, they all fit.

  • Controls comfortably located at eye level
  • Fan speed and aeraulic controlled by Microprocessor
  • Three operating modes: normal, stand-by, calibration
  • High speed rinse at start up
  • Self calibration and internal Watch-dog cycle before “SAFE” condition is reached
  • Visual display of “SAFE” conditions and “UNSAFE” conditions (LED and bar graph)
  • Elapsed time meter
  • Microprocessor control with following specifications:
    – Multilevel alarms, with redundancy functions.
    – Permanent display of working conditions.
    – High air flow stability both in case of transitional
    disturbances or to progressive filter clogging
    – Power failure alarm
  • Volt-free contact for remote monitoring of exhaust fan.
  • Automatic reset of initial conditions in case of power failure
  • C-shaped support stand for easy one man installation procedure
  • Anti blow back valve (optional) for ducted configuration
  • Magnehelic Gauge for internal chamber pressure constant monitoring
  • One (1) Electrical Socket as standard option
  • UV-Light installed on top (standard option)


  • Manipulations of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites from risk groups 1, 2 and 3.
  • Isolation and culture of samples
  • Methods of quantification
  • Microscopy techniques and sample preparation Identification and typing of microorganisms
  • Genetic manipulation

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    Technical Specifications

    The essentials, all.

    Model VIRUS-3
    Internal Sizes (width/depth/high) 1200x660x700
    External Sizess (width/depth/high) 2105x822x1300
    Filtering columns 2
    Filter number 2
    Fans 1
    Average volume of treated air/hour +/-600 m3/h
    Average face velocity 0.50m/s
    Total electrical power consumption 500 W
    Light intensity Fluorescent 36W / +1000 Lux
    UV Lamp Serial
    Noise level 58dB
    Voltage-Frequency 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz
    Weight 210 Kg
    Packaging volume 2.36 m3
    Warranty 2 years
    Download Technical Specs PDF TECHNICAL DATA SHEET VIRUS-3

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      Technical Specs

      Details that matter.

      Manufactured in accordance with EN12469:2000 standard
      State of the art microprocessor control system
      Main switch with removable key
      Soft touch keyboard
      Bar graph for exhaust air flow conditions; permanent display.
      Alarms for low air flow
      Sloped front for the most comfortable access
      Front and side access for filter maintenance and service
      C-shaped support stand for easy one man installation procedure
      Transfer hatch with interlocked doors (right or left positioned)
      Class III cabinet with exclusive three filter design and Class 100 inner chamber.

      Mechanical and Functional

      Sturdiness. Simple and effective.

      Sloped front design for the highest operational comfort.
      Stainless Steel internal surfaces with 2B finishing
      Liquid retaining work surface (Stainless Steel 2B finishing)
      Total visibility air and aerosol-tight front window equipped with robust gloves (Class III) for the safest operation when working with Risk Group 4 pathogens.
      Class III: Exclusive four filter design for the highest safety of the environment and the operator (Risk Group 4 pathogens): one (1) prefilter, one (1) HEPA H14 In-Let, two (2) HEPA H14 Exhaust Filters.
      H14 class High Efficiency Particulate Air filters with 99.995% efficiency on MPPS (most penetrating particle size) (EN1822-1 and EN 13091:1999 tested and certified)
      Filter change and maintenance from the front of the cabinet.
      Exhaust transitions easily installable.
      Anti-blow-back valve available as add-on option
      Key operated. The key can be removed when the unit is in SAFE mode, in order to avoid unwanted operation. In case of power failure, the cabinet is re-set to original working conditions.
      Self calibration cycle performed when cabinet is switched on.
      High speed rinse and set up cycle performed, before reaching the SAFE operating mode.
      Visual display of SAFE conditions. Pre-warning before actual alarm conditions are reached (visual and acoustic alarms)
      Soft touch control with keys for standard service utilities.
      Interconnected UV and fluorescent lights.
      100% air exhaust.
      Light intensity on work surface > 1000 lux.
      Noise level ≤58 dB(A)
      Work surface displacement (vibration) 230V, 50Hz (230V,60Hz also available)
      Max power (for each power point): 3Amps.
      Microprocessor equipped with analogical watch-dog.
      Leakage tested in agreement with EN 12469 and ISO10648.2
      CE certification according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/CEE

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