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EN 12469 Certification Mean for Biosafety Cabinets

By Saber más2 min read

What Does the EN 12469 Certification Mean for Biosafety Cabinets?

In the world of laboratories, safety is an indisputable priority. To ensure this safety, there are various regulations and certifications that equipment must meet. One of these certifications is EN 12469, specific to biosafety cabinets. But what does this certification imply, and how do Cruma’s biosafety cabinets comply with it? Join us on this informative journey to discover it.

Understanding the EN 12469 Certification

The EN 12469 certification is a European standard that establishes the performance requirements for biosafety cabinets concerning microbiological safety and the protection of the user, the product, and the environment. This standard focuses on ensuring that biosafety cabinets provide a safe and controlled environment for working with dangerous biological agents.

How Cruma Complies with the EN 12469 Certification

Cruma’s biosafety cabinets are certified according to the EN 12469 standard, which guarantees that they meet the established safety and performance requirements. Some of the features that enable Cruma’s cabinets to comply with this certification include:

Effective Filtration

With absolute H14 filters that guarantee 99.995% efficiency for particles of 0.3 microns, Cruma ensures effective filtration that is essential for maintaining a sterile environment inside the cabinet.

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Air Speed Control

The air speed at the facade of Cruma’s cabinets is equal to or greater than 0.5 m/sec, which is crucial to ensure adequate containment of biological agents.

Alarm System

Cruma’s cabinets are equipped with alarm systems that alert to any insufficiency in ventilation or incorrect position of the front, which is vital to maintain the integrity of the controlled environment.

control de alarmas

Benefits of the EN 12469 Certification

The EN 12469 certification is not only a guarantee of safety but also a testimony of Cruma’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the design and manufacture of biosafety cabinets. Users of Cruma’s cabinets can be confident that they are working in an environment that meets the most rigorous safety standards, which is essential for the safe handling of microorganisms and other dangerous biological agents.

A Solid Commitment to Safety

The EN 12469 certification in Cruma’s biosafety cabinets highlights the company’s solid commitment to laboratory safety. Through effective filtration, adequate air speed control, and robust alarm systems, Cruma ensures that laboratory professionals can carry out their critical tasks in a safe and controlled environment.

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