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The new CO2 Incubator “Direct Heat”equipped with an “on-demand” decontamination cycle, is designed to provide a stable and convenient environment for Cell and Tissue culture, taking into consideration the most stringent needs of the cell biologists, for both continuous and batch cultures.
CO2 Incubator maintains an accurate CO2 gas percentage, uniform temperature and a consistently high level of humidity providing a stable culturing environment, even for most critical applications like IVF and Hybridoma cultures..

The best in its class

At the very heart of the CO2 Incubator is the large internal capacity of 188.6 litres, corresponding to an actual available space of 140 litres, unmatched in the industry, thanks to a specially designed rack and 4 shelves system that provides a usable surface of 0.23 sqm per shelf.

Culturing Environtment Guaranted

The accurate and precise temperature is maintained by means of 4 independently controlled and validated “Direct Heating” elements, located on all 6 sides of the chamber, able to measure and control temperature down to 0.1 degree of the set value. Precise CO2 percentage is maintained by a state-of-the-art IR sensor and controller system, that is independent from the humidity of the culturing environment. Humidity is passively maintained at 95% , thanks to a 2.5 litres stainless steel humidity tray, heated by the base heater. Finally, the unit has a built-in “on-demand” decontamination cycle programme, for absolute safety.

Technical Innovations

√ Programmable audio-visual alarm, warning “parameter out of range”. Autoreset after chamber condition recovery
√ Large 2 x 24 message centre, with alpha numeric display for setup and status information
√ Temperature display in steps of 0.1°C
√ Mode key to enter programmable parameters
√ Scroll keys for selection of the parameters
√ CO2 display in steps 2 of 0.1%

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Technical specifications

The data.

Model CO2 Incubator
Internal Sizes (Width/Depth/High) 530x690x500
External Sizes (Width/Depth/High) 680x896x746
Total electrical consumption 1,5 Kw
Voltaje-Periods 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight 102 Kg
Packaging volume 0.89 m3
Warranty 2 Años
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Technical Specifications

Details that matter

Feature Description
Temperature Control Direct heat, 6 sides, 4 independently controlled heaters, 73 meters of heating elements
Temperature range 10°- 50°C, in 0.1 increments ( minimum setting: ambient + 1° C)
Temperature measurement 7 RT curve matched thermistors
Temperature Control +/- 0,1°C
Temperature Accuracy +/- 0,1°C
Temperature Uniformity Better than +/- 0,3°C
Temperature recovery About 5 minutes following a 15 seconds door opening
Over Temperature Protection Independent, inhibits all heaters above 1.0° C over set temp.  value (in the unlikely event of a control system failure)
Sensor Solid State IR Sensor, automatic atmospheric CO2 zeroing. Measurement is independent from chamber humidity level
Range 0.5 to 20 % CO2, in steps of 0.1%
Control +/- 0,1%
Uniformity Better than +/- 0,1 %
Accuracy +/- 0,2% at 5% CO2 set point
Recovery rate About 5 minutes following a 15 seconds door opening
Relative Humidity System
Reservoir 2.5 litres, 304 Stainless Steel electro-polished humidity tray
RH level Minimum 95%
Decontamination cycle
Decontamination cycle type Fully automatic, 125° C cycle, Validated
Temperature ramp up time 1,5- 2,5 hours
Exposure time 4 hours
Temperature ramp down time 5-7 hours
Total cycle time 10,5 – 13,5 hours

Constructive Details

Sturdiness. Simple and effective.

Feature Description
Inner Chamber 304 Stainless Steel, totally seamless, electro-polished
Chamber volume (gross /usable) 188.6 litres/140 litres
Exterior Powder painted mild steel with ABS plastic outer door cover
Interior access Heated outer door with direct chamber access or sealed inner glass door (with optional 4/8 inner glass doors)
Door swing Right side opening with optional left side door swing (factory fitted)
Shelving System
Shelf racks Easy to assemble , 304 stainless steel construction, with high temperature plastic spacerss
Shelf type Solid (non perforated) stainless steel shelves ( perforated available as option)
Shelf dimensions (W x D) mm 510x 455 mm, with 150 mm height above each shelf
Shelf surface area, Sq meter 0,23 m2
Capacity: standard – maximum 4-8
Alarm System 
Chamber status alarm Fully programmable, audio-visual, auto reset when chamber conditions resume
Incubator function alarm Fully automatic alarms to advise failure in heaters or sensors
Alarm events Log Up to 500 alarm events held in memory on a rolling basis, displayed on 2 x 24 display, showing programmed value, actual value, time and duration of alarm event
Power Requirements 
Voltage 220-240 V  –  50-60 Hz
Rated Power 1,5 kW
Power to maintain 37ºC < 0,1 kW
Ecternal Connections 
RS 232 output Operating conditions, alarms and events data output
RS 232 interface Standard supply, for remote access
Contact for remote alarm Volt-free. Remote external alarm device or alarm system (BMS)
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