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Ductless Fume Hoods Class 1


The ductless filtration fume hoods included in the Plug&Play range are ideal for eliminating contaminating gas and/or solid particles/aerosols from the work space simply and efficiently. Safe, efficient and cost-effective, these protect both the user and the environment.

The range is already assembled on delivery (just unpack, install the filters and plug in) and all the models are equipped with the new filtration system, developed and patented by Cruma (Invention Patent), to retain the contaminating gas and fumes generated on the inside thus constantly renewing the air inside the laboratory. The main advantages offered are:

Personnel Safety and Environmental Protection

Apart from completely protecting the person handling the material inside the cabinet, the chemical toxins produced are not released to the outside but remain inside the cabinet thanks to the filtration system formed by a variety of activated carbon filters.


These can be used in areas where it is difficult to extract contaminated air, such as the lower floors of buildings, and they can be placed in different locations, which it means that they can be easily relocated if needed.

Economic Savings and Easy to Set-Up

No expensive works are necessary to install conduits to extract the gas to the outside which means there are no additional costs and no need to interrupt a laboratory working at full capacity.

Energy Savings

Unlike traditional extraction hoods, our fume hoods do not use the air conditioning equipment inside the laboratory, which substantially reduces energy costs. The aspirated air is not expelled outside but recirculated back into the laboratory free from contaminating substances.


Yes, they all fit and are standard.

More information on the new LCD display

  • New size 127x34mm display
  • Air speed continuously monitored
  • Type of filter installed, working hours, expiration date and next revision date
  • Open door warning through electronic photocell
  • Countdown timer
  • Clock and calendar

New features and components

  • Initial air flow cycle adequacy and final purge cycle
  • Fault LED
  • Control of air flow through Microprocessor
  • Activated carbon filters with electronic chip
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • LED illumination

New alarms and scheduled warnings

  • Open door warning
  • Open door in off mode warning
  • 60h of filter use warning
  • Next validation warning
  • Few hours of filter life warning
  • Countdown timer warning
  • Expired filter alarm (by hours)
  • Expired filter alarm (by date)
  • Temperature alarm
  • Equipment without filter alarm
  • Low barrier alarm
Control pannel with big size LCD Display “Cruma
Filter Saturation Test access “Cruma
Hot wire electronical anemometer “Cruma
Open door photocell system “Cruma
LED lighting 900 lux. Temperature probe “Cruma
Ergonomics opennings with armrests “Cruma
Openings for introduction of services (electric cables, pipes, etc.) “Cruma
Safety glass worktop and liquid retention tray “Cruma
Optional Movilair stand with weels, tray and shelf to allow storage.
Clase 1 Filtration System (according to NFX 15-211) with filtration system to incorporate up to 6 filters “Cruma
Pre-filter door folding from inside for easy change “Cruma


But we’re sure you’ll find more.

General chemistry involving small volumes of reagents or chemical compounds at ambient/moderate temperature in all types of laboratories:

  • Research laboratories
  • Quality control laboratories
  • Clinical and hospital laboratories
  • University and school laboratories

…In general, in any kind of laboratory.

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    No need to worry. It’s totally safe.

    The fume hoods in the Plug&Play range were designed to ensure that practicaly no handling operations are necessary once these have been received: all you have to do is take them out of their fantastic packaging, place them in the desired spot, install the filters, plug them into the mains and get to work. As simple as their name suggests: plug in and play.

    All of the Plug&Play fume hoods use the new filtration system, developed and patented by Cruma (Invention Patent), which protects the operator by retaining the contaminating gas, fumes and particles generated inside, constantly renewing the air inside the laboratory and avoiding leaks that may contaminate the environment.

    Models and Technical Specifications

    A wide range to ensure the air remains clean and health is unaffected

    Model G1 G2 G3 G4 G5
    Internal Sizes (width/depth/high) 776x600x762 976x600x762 1176x800x762 1576x800x762 1776x800x762
    External Sizes (width/depth/high) 797x650x1195 997x650x1195 1197x850x1195 1597x850x1195 1797x850x1195
    Filtration columns 1 1 2 2 2
    Filter number 1 a 3 1 a 3 2 a 6 2 a 6 2 a 6
    Fans 1 1 2 2 2
    Average volume of treated air/hour 157 m3/h 157 m3/h 157 m3/h 157 m3/h 157 m3/h
    Average face velocity 0.50 m/s 0.50 m/s 0.50 m/s 0.50 m/s 0.50 m/s
    Internal volume of the cabinet 0.32m3 0.40m3 0.67m3 0.89m3 1.01m3
    Renewals inside the cabinet/min. 8.13 m/s 6.47 m/s 4.2 m/s 3.1 m/s 2.7 m/s
    Total electrical power consumption 91 W 91 W 174 W 174 W 174 W
    Voltage-Frequency 220 V / 50-60 Hz 220 V / 50-60 Hz 220 V / 50-60 Hz 220 V / 50-60 Hz 220 V / 50-60 Hz
    LED light intensity 900Lux / LED 16 W 900Lux / LED 16 W 900Lux / 2x LED 16 W 900Lux / 2x LED 16 W 900Lux / 2x LED 16 W
    UV Lamp
    Noise level 45 dB 45 dB 45 dB 45 dB 45 dB
    Weight 95 Kg 110 Kg 130 Kg 160 Kg 180 Kg
    Packaging volume 0.80 m3 0.80 m3 1.24 m3 1.66 m3 1.86 m3

    Serial Equipment

    Full Equip cabinets

    Equipment Description
    Electronic circuit with large format LCD screen Security levels: level 1 for users and level 2 for maintenance users.
    Electronic anemometer device Electronic sensor monitoring continuously air face velocity.
    Photocell sensor device for open door detection Electric device with open door alarm.
    Electronic control device for filters replacement The filters incorporate a microchip with miniUSB connection that identifies the type of filter installed, the expiry date and the serial no.
    Illumination 96 LED Tube high light intensity and low power consumption – 16 Watts / 700 Lux
    Temperature sensor Continuous monitoring of the temperature inside the cabinet
    Sampling system to analize the filtered air at the exhaust To detect the level of filter saturation
    60 hours alarm 60 hours alarm
    Electronic cronometre with audible alarm To program the work inside the fume hood
    Clock and calendar Display of date and time
    Working surface 1 Spill retention tray (2-10 liters) with working surface in white tempered glass
    G4 Prefilter G4 class pre-filtering blanket of synthetic biofibres  (according to EN-779) for the retention of atmospheric dust
    Cable entry holes (2) Access to the rear wall for cables and / or services entry
    Chemical Listing Guide of retained products by type of filter
    Warranty 10 years

    Optional Equipment

    Details that matter

    Equipment Description
    Molecular detector Coming soon!
    Movilair Stand with wheels and internal tray in Epoxy coated steel
    Tubular steel stand Support stand in Epoxy coated steel
    Working surface 2 Spill retention tray (2-10 liters) with working surface in phenolic resin
    Working surface 3 Spill retention tray (2-10 liters) with working surface in inox steel
    Transparent rear back pannel Not available
    Voltage / Frequency 125 V / 50 Hz
    Filter test kit Dräger pump with reactive colorimetric tubes (10u pack)
    Junction frame Allows to join two units of the same model without internal divisions

    Cruma Filters

    A wide range to ensure the air remains clean and health is unaffected

    Filter Types Description
    Type A For organic vapors such as ketones, ethers, alcohols, xylenes… Eventually it can be used for inorganic acids, but only if used in small quantities because this activated carbon is not impregnated and the excess of acid vapors could saturate it quickly.
    Type BE For inorganic acid vapors as H2SO4, HCl, HNO3, and volatile sulfur compounds such as H2S, SO3, … It can be used with organic vapors because the activated carbon incorporates impregnation of metal compounds and neutralizing salts. It is also suitable to filter organic and inorganic compounds when they are in similar proportions.
    Type F For formaldehyde vapors and derivatives; also good for other organic compounds. Carbon impregnated with Cu leads, so that it should never be used with inorganic acid vapors.
    Type K For NH3 vapors and amines; also good for other organic compounds. Carbon with metal salt complexes impregnation.
    Type ABEK Mixed type to be used when the ratios between organic, inorganic and NH3/amines are similar.
    Type D HEPA H-14 filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air, according to EN-1822: 1998) for filtering dust and smoke particles.

    Modular filtration column
    for gases and particles  (according to NFX 15-211:2009)

    Type G Handling of liquid compounds/products columnas-filtrantes-tipo-g Type 2G Liquid compounds/products handling with security molecular filter columnas-filtrantes-tipo-2g
    Type GS Handling of liquid and particles compounds/products columnas-filtrantes-tipo-gs Type 2GS Liquid and particles compounds/products handling with molecular security filter columnas-filtrantes-tipo-2gs
    Type 2GD Handling of liquid compounds in clean room with molecular security filter columnas-filtrantes-tipo-2gd

    ventilador Fan  molecula-filter Molecular Filter  particle-filter HEPA-H14 Filter

    *To view the technical sheets of our filters, please contact Cruma sales department at
    -It is the user’s responsibility to correctly manage the waste generated from filters based on the use given to them and according to the applicable requirements.
    -The supply of spare parts is guaranteed during a period of 10 years

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