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Ducted Chemical Fume Hood

Cruma H+

The new Cruma H+ ducted extraction fume hood, manufactured according to the UNE EN ISO 14175 standard, is specially conceived and designed to work with acids. The cabinet is connected to the laboratory extraction system, generating a depressurized work environment that protects the operator from all types of contaminants handled inside. There is also the option of acquiring an extractor fan made of polypropylene.

The cabinet is made entirely of polypropylene (metal free), a material with excellent chemical resistance to strong acids. Both the sides and the guillotine door are made of transparent polycarbonate with a protective sheet against acid splashes. The air flow is manually adjustable by means of a valve, thus adapting the air fl ow to the different extraction systems that the laboratory has.


Yes, they all fit and are standard.

Manufacture: the entire cabinet is made of polypropylene and laminated polycarbonate to protect from splashes.

Work surface: there are 3 options, without work surface (you would work on top of the laboratory table, wich usually has a phenolic surface) polypropylene surface and tempered glass surface.

Side walls in polypropylene and transparent polycarbonate for greater illumination.

Extractor pipe diameter 200 mm ready to connect to extraction system.

Air diffuser: located in the upper part of the interior of the cabinet for correct suction of air and contaminants.

Guillotine-type front door: anti-splash laminated polycarbonate door adjustable to any height by means of counterweights. The cabinet has a limiter marking an optimum working opening of 395
mm. The limiter can be removed and the sash can be opened up to 680 mm.

Lighting: fluorescent lamps positioned in the central parts and fitted with a prismatic diffuser screen for a better distribution of light on the working plane.

Tomas de corriente
Iluminación LED 940 lux
Puerta de guillotina


You will surely discover more.

Handling of reagents or chemical compounds, including those of an acidic nature in all types of laboratories:

– Analytical, clinical and hospital laboratories
– Research laboratories
– Quality control laboratories
– University and school laboratories

…  in short, in any type of laboratory.

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    Technical Specifications

    Everything you need as standard

    Model H+
    Internal Sizes (width/depth/height) 1170x550x1100
    External Sizes (width/depth/height) 1200x650x1700
    Maximum sash opening 680 mm
    Working height opening 395 mm
    Extractor tube diameter 200 mm
    Working area 1170×550 mm
    Inner volume 0,71 m3
    Air velocity at facade >0,60 m/s
    Volume of air treated >865 m3/h
    Average cabinet air renewal/ min 19,5
    Voltage-Periods 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz
    LED lighting level 940 lux
    Net weight 98 Kg
    Wooden box volume 1.44 m3
    Download Technical Specs PDF H+ TECH DATA SHEET

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      Serial Equipment

      Fully Equiped

      Equipment Description
      Flow control system Butterfly type valve (manual).
      Lighting 2 x 15W LED lamps.
      Guillotine door Reinforced polycarbonate door for possible acid splashes.
      Two plugs Plugs with maximum intensity of 4 amps.
      Transparent sides Reinforced polycarbonate sides for possible acid splashes.
      Warranty 2 years

      Optional Equipamient

      Details that matter

      Base in polypropylene
      Spill Base
      Indoor and outdoor fan
      PVC extractor tube
      Engine covers
      Frequency modulator
      Individualized protections (magneto-thermal and differential)
      Tubular support without wheels

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