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Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets

HZ-1 & HZ-2 & HZ-3 & HZ-4


Class ISO 5 horizontal laminar flow cabinets (former class 100) are ideal for jobs where it is necessary to ensure the products are protected from external contamination and cross-contamination. Thanks to the specific way the side walls, located inside the inner perimeter of the filter, are assembled it is possible to prevent any contaminants that may be present from entering the work area through the filter frame thanks to the Venturi effect. The air collected from the environment is prefiltered using polyurethane at high weight efficiency and, pushed by the fan engine to the retention plenum, it then passes through the absolute filter and is released into the work area. The air emerges from the H14 HEPA filter located in front of the operator, moving in a compact, laminar fashion creating a Class ISO 4, hence sterile, work space and making sure no contaminating particles are close to the product being handled.

Sample Protection. Total Sterility.

Our horizontal laminar flow cabinets guarantee a laminar stream of air with class ISO 4 air purity pursuant to Standard EN14644-1 thanks to our intelligent H14 HEPA filters, providing a minimum efficiency rate of 99.995% for 0.3 µm particles.


These can be used in areas where it is difficult to extract contaminated air, such as the lower floors of buildings, and they can be placed in different locations, which it means that they can be easily relocated if needed.

Economic Savings and Easy to Set-Up

No expensive works are necessary to install the cabinet which means there are no additional costs and no need to interrupt a laboratory working at full capacity.

Energy Savings

Unlike other brands, our cabinets do not consume the air conditioning of the laboratory, which substantially reduces energy costs: the filtered air is not expelled to the outside, but recirculated back into the laboratory free of contaminating particles.


Yes, they all fit and are standard.

Manufacture: the external surfaces are made of cold-rolled steel, coated with white epoxy, enamelled in ovens at 200ºC and resistant to the chemical compounds used for sterilization.

Work Surface: the surface of the work chamber is made of white secured glass, highly resistant to impacts and chemical attacks.

Absolute H14 HEPA Filter with a flow equalizer and an efficiency rate of over 99.995% for particles measuring 0.3 microns. Standards MIL-F51068C and BS 3298.

Fan motors: double aspiration centrifugal fans, capable of providing a laminar flow in the work space, above all as regards dealing with filter saturation to a maximum value of 400 Pascal.

Control Panel: Soft-touch keyboard with a switch for the LED lamps, UV ultraviolet lights, a maintenance system to control the airspeed through the HEPA filter that is electronically self-regulated and a control key to reduce speed in ECO mode.

Lighting: LED lamps located in the centre with a prismatic diffusing screen to improve the distribution of light on the work surface.

Control pannel Cruma Fume Hoods Detail
LED light 900 Lux
Absolute HEPA H-14 filter, eficiency superior to 99.995 % about 0.3 microns particles
Stainlees steel AISI 304 2B work surface
Tubular base (optional), corrosion-resistant Epoxy resin-coated steel construction


But we’re sure you’ll find more.

  • Plasma rich in platelets.
  • Growth factors.
  • Transfer of medications in pharmacy service.
  • Hematology, clinical analysis and microscopic analysis.
  • Filling of antibiotics and injectable drugs (except cytostatics).
  • Tissue culture, plant cell cultures …
  • Reconstitution of parental bags.
  • Methodology of assisted fertilization.
  • Micropropagation techniques.
  • Water and food quality control
  • Manufacture and repair of electronic devices
  • Dust protection in optical industry …

127x34mm LCD Display

Type of filter installed
Working hours
Wxpiration date and next revision date
Countdown timer
Clock and Calendar

New features and components

Initial cycle flow adequacy and final purge cycle
Fault LED
Control of air flow through Microprocessor
HEPA filters with electronic chip
LED illumination

New alarms and scheduled warnings

Next validation warning
Few hours of filter life warning
Countdown timer warning
Expired filter alarm by hours & by date
Equipment without filter alarm

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    Sample Protection

    Clean area to handle and protect your samples.

    In our horizontal laminar flow cabinets the stream of air passes through the H14 HEPA filter (manufactured pursuant to EN-1822) at a constant speed, travelling horizontally through the cabinet in a laminar flow and producing a Class ISO 4 sterile environment (former American Federal Standard 209E) and protecting the product from external contamination and possible cross-contamination between samples.

    Single-stage filtration system with a minimum efficiency rate of 99.995% for particles of 0.3 µm in the upper part with an extraction rate of 100% as regards the air flow to the outside. Total protection for the sample.

    Models and Technical Specifications

    Two sizes for all needs

    Model HZ-1 HZ-2 HZ-3 HZ-4
    Internal Sizes (Width/Depth/High) 769x600x633 1169x600x633 1500x600x640 1800x600x640
    External Sizes (Width/Depth/High) 895x770x977 1295x770x977 1625x771x1053 1925x771x1053
    Filter columns
    Filter number 1 1 1 1
    Fans 1 2 3 3
    Average volume of treated air/hour
    Average face velocity 0.40 m/s 0.40 m/s 0.45 m/s 0.45 m/s
    Internal volume of the cabinet 0.292 m3 0.443 m3 0.576 m3 0.684 m3
    Renewals inside the cabinet/min. / min.
    Total electrical power consumption 211 W 406 W 211 W 211 W
    Voltage-Frequency 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz
    LED light intensity 900 Lux 16 W 900 Lux 2 x 16 W 1100 Lux 1100 Lux
    UV Lamp Optional 2×15 W Optional 2×15 W Optional 2×15 W Optional 2×15 W
    Sound level 50 dB 50 dB 57 dB 57 dB
    Weight 115 Kg 140 Kg 118 Kg 185 Kg
    Packaging volume 0.69 m3 1.0 m3 1.04 m3 1.48 m3

    Serial Equipment

    Full Equip cabinets

    Equipment Description
    Electronic circuit with large format LCD display Security levels: level 1 for users and level 2 for maintenance users
    Filters controlled by microprocessor The filters are provided with a  microchip with mini USB connection identifying the type of filter installed, the expiry date and the serial number
    Illumination 96 LED high light intensity and low consumption 16 Watts / 900 Lux
    Digital timer with audible warning Hourmeter for the control and warning of the work in the cabinet
    Electrical plug Placed in the internal roof of the cabinet and conmuted with the electronic circuit
    Clock and Calendar Display of date and time
    Steel work surface Worktop of  stainless steel surface AISI 304 2B
    G4 Prefilter Pre-filtering class G4 biofibre synthetic blanket
    Warranty 7 years

    Optional Equipment

    Details that matter.

    Equipment Description
    Tubular stand Support in steel coated with epoxy anticorrosion resin.
    Portable UV light Portable UV light (2 x 15 Watt UV lamps)

    Cruma Filters

    HEPA filter H-14 for a pure air. Pristine air.

    Absolute H14 HEPA Filter with a flow equalizer and an efficiency rate of over 99.995% for particles measuring 0.3 microns. Standards MIL-F51068C and BS 3298. With an electronic chip to provide both the operators and the samples with the greatest possible degree of safety.

    * To view the technical sheets of our filters, please contact Cruma sales department at
    – It is the user’s responsibility to correctly manage the waste generated from filters based on the use given to them and according to the applicable requirements.
    – The supply of spare parts is guaranteed during a period of 10 years

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