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Function of the Laboratory Incubator

By Saber más2 min read

Function of the Laboratory Incubator

The laboratory incubator is an essential tool in modern laboratories. Its main function is to maintain a controlled environment for the growth and development of cellular and microbiological cultures. It ensures ideal conditions of temperature, humidity, and other variables so that microorganisms or tissues can grow without interruptions.

Why Is It So Important?

Imagine trying to grow plants in a place without adequate light, water, or nutrients. They wouldn’t grow properly, right? The same applies to laboratory cultures. Without an incubator, we couldn’t obtain reliable results in research and testing.


Laboratory Incubator: Parts

Temperature Control:

It’s the essence of any incubator. Through electrical or gas systems, it ensures that the inside of the incubator is maintained at the desired temperature.

ventilador cabina de flujo laminar

Ventilation System:

This system ensures that there is a constant flow of air, preventing the accumulation of pathogens and guaranteeing that the internal environment is homogeneous.

Door with Viewer:

Most incubators come with a door that allows scientists to observe the cultures without interrupting the internal conditions.

Humidity System:

For those cultures that require specific levels of humidity, this part is crucial. It ensures that the air inside the incubator has the right level of humidity.

Laboratory Incubator: Price

Although this article is mainly informative, it’s natural for you to wonder about the price of a laboratory incubator. Prices can vary widely depending on the features and manufacturer. They can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, remember that it is a long-term investment for any serious laboratory.


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