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Manipulation of Laboratory Samples

By Saber más2 min read

Laboratory Sample Handling: A Comprehensive Guide

How are Samples Handled in the Laboratory? Discover the Secrets of Laboratory Sample Handling and the Importance of CRUMA Cabinets.

Welcome to the world of laboratory sample handling, where precision and safety are paramount to obtaining reliable results. In this article, we will explore step by step how samples are handled in the laboratory, highlighting the importance of specialized equipment like CRUMA cabinets to ensure an optimal working environment.

Steps for Sample Handling

Laboratory sample handling is the process of preparing, handling, and analyzing biological, chemical, or physical samples with the aim of obtaining precise scientific data. This may involve anything from extracting tissue samples to preparing solutions and conducting specific tests.

Identification and Labeling:

The first step is to correctly identify each sample and label it clearly and accurately to avoid errors during subsequent analysis.

Sample Extraction:

Depending on the type of sample, the extraction process is carried out, which may include collecting blood, tissues, body fluids, or other materials.

Solution Preparation:

In many cases, it is necessary to prepare specific chemical solutions for sample processing. This requires skill and care to ensure the accuracy of concentrations.

Processing and Analysis:

Once prepared, the samples undergo the required analysis, which may include techniques such as centrifugation, chromatography, or microscopy, depending on the study objectives.

Storage and Preservation:

After analysis, the samples must be properly stored for long-term preservation, maintaining their integrity and avoiding cross-contamination.

Importance of CRUMA Cabinets in Sample Handling

CRUMA cabinets, such as laminar flow, biosafety, and powder weighing cabinets, play a crucial role in laboratory sample handling. These equipment provide a sterile and controlled environment that minimizes the risk of contamination and ensures the integrity of samples and the safety of personnel.

Laminar Flow:

Ensures a clean and steady airflow over the sample, preventing environmental contamination and maintaining optimal working conditions.


Protects personnel and the environment from potential pathogens present in the samples, ensuring a safe working environment.

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Powder Weighing:

Enables precise weighing of powder substances, minimizing particle dispersion in the air and ensuring accurate measurements.

Sample handling in the laboratory is a delicate process that requires precision, attention to detail, and proper safety measures. CRUMA cabinets are indispensable allies in this process, providing a controlled environment that ensures sample integrity and personnel safety. Discover how to optimize your laboratory with CRUMA solutions!

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