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PCR-V Ventilated Cabinet

Polymerase Chain Reaction


The Cruma PCR-V cabinet has been specifically designed for gene amplification work using the PCR technique (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

The cabinet is equipped with three UV-C lamps, two of which are open at the upper part of the cabinet. These lamps allow disinfection of the work area by inactivating the DNA/RNA fragments and avoiding cross-contamination between samples, which can lead to false positives. It also has a timer to control the exposure time against direct UV irradiation.

As a novelty, it has a reciculator system that includes a third UV lamp, a fan and a dust filter in an enclosed structure, which allows the constant decontamination of the booth during operation and allows the user to be protected from UV exposure while working inside.

Its front panel is made of tempered glass, acting as a means of protecting the operator against UV radiation. In the event of accidental opening, the UV lamps are automatically disconnected for total protection of the operator.


It can be used in difficult access areas , such as the lower floors of buildings with narrow accesses and/or stairs, and it can be placed in different locations, which it means that it can be easily relocated if needed.

The sample is fully protected.
Completely Safe

Thanks to the three germicide UV tubes, it is possible to avoid cross- contamination between the DNA and RNA samples that may give rise to false-positives.

Energy Savings

Unlike other brands, our cabinet reduces energy costs: uses 15 Watt germicidal tubes and LED lighting

Economic Savings and Easy to Set-Up

No expensive works are necessary to install the cabinet which means there are no additional costs and no need to interrupt a laboratory working at full capacity.


Yes, they all fit and are standard.

  • 3 UV germicidal lamps 15W
  • 4mm tempered front glass
  • Automatic disconnection of UV lamps for accidental door opening
  • Multifunction digital timer
  • Plug&Play: As easy as taking it out of the box and start working with it
Multifunction digital timer, switchable with UV and lighting
3 UV germicidal lamps 15W / LED Lighting 18W / 900 Lux
Interior shelf
Tempered 4mm glass door sash
Security system for accidental door opening


DNA carr-overblocking

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    Model and Technical Specifications

    All the essentials.

    Model PCR-V
    Internal Sizes (Width/Depth/High) 574x564x619
    External Sizes (Width/Depth/High) 600x603x772
    Cabinet interior volume 0.567 m3
    Total power consumption 87 W
    Voltage-periods 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz
    LED Lighting 1500 lx / LED 16 W
    UV lamp 3 x 15 W
    Front opening height 280 mm
    Weight 60 Kg
    Packaging volume 0.4 m3
    Download Technical Specs PDF PCR TECH DATA SHEET

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      Serial Equipment

      A cabinet full of details included

      Equipment Description
      Control panel Multifunction digital timer, switchable with UV and lighting
      UV Lamp 3 UV lamps tubes of 15W
      Lighting LED 16W / 900Lux
      Door Tempered 4mm glass door sash
      Security Security system for accidental door opening
      Worktop Worktop with safety glass
      Interior Interior shelf
      Warranty 7 years

      Optional Equipment

      Details that matter

      Equipment Description
      Voltage-periods 125 V / 50 Hz
      Support Movilair Stand table

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