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Cutting-Edge Technology in Biosafety Cabinets

By Saber más2 min read

Cutting-Edge Technology in Biosafety Cabinets: A Look at Cruma's Innovations

Cruma’s biosafety cabinets are designed to provide a safe and controlled environment where professionals can work with dangerous biological agents. Over the years, Cruma has incorporated various technological innovations into its products to ensure safety and efficiency in laboratories. Here we present some of the advanced features and technologies incorporated in Cruma’s biosafety cabinets:

Innovation in Filtration and Containment

Cruma’s biosafety cabinets are equipped with absolute H14 filters, which guarantee a 99.995% efficiency in particles of 0.3 microns. This feature is crucial for maintaining a sterile and contaminant-free environment within the cabinet, vital for the safety of both the operator and the material handled. Additionally, for specific applications such as the preparation of cytostatic drugs, Cruma offers an additional third stage of filtration under the work surface, providing an additional barrier against contamination.

filtro hepa

Advanced Control and Monitoring


Cruma has incorporated controls comfortably located at eye level, fan speed and aerodynamics controlled by microprocessor in its Class III biosafety cabinets, offering three operating modes: normal, standby, and calibration, adapting to the different needs of operators in the laboratory. Additionally, the cabinets have an alarm system and warnings that indicate insufficient air flow in expulsion or an incorrect position of the front, which is essential to maintain the integrity of the controlled environment within the cabinet.

Ergonomic Design and Ease of Use

Cruma’s biosafety cabinets are designed with a focus on ergonomics and ease of use. For example, the tempered glass side windows offer better luminosity, facilitating work within the cabinet. In addition, maintenance and filter change are facilitated with front access, reducing the time and effort needed to carry out these essential tasks.

cabina de seguridad biologica clase ii aii

Germicidal Ultraviolet Light

Cruma’s cabinets come equipped with U.V. germicidal light installed on the inner wall as standard, assisting in disinfection and maintaining a sterile environment within the cabinet.

Cruma has positioned itself as an innovator in the laboratory biosafety sector, offering cutting-edge technologies that facilitate safe and efficient work with biological agents. Through its rigorous filtration systems, alarm systems, and ergonomic design, Cruma ensures that the needs of laboratory professionals are met, providing a safe and comfortable environment to carry out critical research and procedures for handling dangerous biological materials.

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