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Our Value


Modern design.
Continuous innovation.

Nothing remains, everything changes. This idea reflects the spirit of constant innovation in Cruma. Although all branches of the brand are governed by the same premise of innovation, it is in our design where innovation takes on special relevance. Cruma assume its leadership role and sets the trend to follow naturally, designing models that are bench marks whose aesthetic lines and strokes have the ability to thrill. Pure beauty.

Enhanced security.
Complete safety.

Thinking about your safety, Cruma innovates and equips its products with rigorous filtration systems, alarms and notice systems, guides of good uses, etc. We can speak about security when a laboratory of recognized prestige strictly supervises and analyzes the performance and effectiveness of a product. In the case of our products, all controls made by the technicians of our internal laboratory have been later verified and approved by an independent and reputable laboratory.

Bet on a SINGLE health
and the SDGs.

Committed to One Health, and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we invest in Innovation to guarantee the protection of the health of people who work in the laboratory, facilitate analyzes for animal health, and of chemical and biological processes. that can pollute the air and water, reducing in turn, the impact on environmental health and animal life.

Top performance

In our desire to create the highest quality products that fully meet the needs of our customers and markets, we fulfill the requirements and recommendations of national and international standards regarding the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of all our products, as well as those that deal with regulating and establishing the categories and characteristics of the filters equipped in our cabinets and cupboards. Moreover, our products meet the rules relating to mechanical and electrical safety set by the European Directives mentioned in the “Declaration of CE Conformity”.

Top quality & 10 year
no trick warranty

The rigorous quality management system provided for in the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which we are certified by Lloyd’s Register, is present throughout our design, development, manufacture, sale and distribution of our products. Also, we manufacture our cabinets with the best quality materials served by suppliers of proximity, all of them European.
Convinced of our quality and our rigorous follow-up processes, Cruma offers a 10-year guarantee on all products manufactured in our company.

All the activities of our company are aimed to provide the highest quality products to the end user of all the products we design manufacture and commercialize, adapting them to his needs.

For this reason Cruma’s Management has defined the mission, the vision and the values which differentiate us from our competitors together with the constant innovation of our products:

Our Mision:

  • To provide protection to workers in the laboratory and to contribute globally to One Health (environmental, animal and human) by promoting innovation and development of new products, establishing a humane, dynamic, quality work environment for our clients and their global health goals.

Our Vision:

  • We purify the air with technological innovation to preserve your health and take care of our planet.

We want to be for each client, supplier and worker, the best company in which they can grow, train, work and develop, so that Cruma can be a reference in the protection of people in the laboratory, always preserving global health (One Health).

Our  Values:

The values which support our entire business project can be summarized in the following commitment:

Commitment to the client

  • Commitment  to comply with all requirements of our customers, including those related to the product and to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements that our company subscribes to
  • Customer Service as a fundamental part of our work
  • Create and keep healthy and clear professional relationships in an environment of trust, continuously seeking added values.
  • Confidentiality in every relationship and project.
  • Advice and training  as fundamental axis.
  • Respect the commitments and dates agreed with our clients.
  • Act always with integrity and ethics

Commitment to the staff

  • Professionalism and continuous training. We aim to achieve maximum professional and personal development of our employees.
  • Empowerment and motivation of professional, coordinated and cohesive human teams.
  • Teamwork is much more motivating, effective and qualitative.
  • Human resources are the most important.

Commitment to the environment

  • To maintain and be proud of our ongoing commitment to the care and improvement of our ecological, social and business environment..
  • Prevention of pollution.
  • Minimization of waste generation.

Commitment to the company

  • Business Excellence as an integral management system.
  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the integrated system as a development, service and management tool.
  • Research, development and constant innovation of innovative products and solutions and their immediate transfer to our Customers.
  • Comply with national and international quality, environmental and innovation management regulations.

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We recognise our responsability
           and dependence towards a healthy environment and,
therefore, we destinate more than 7% of our annual budget in
         innovating and developing new products for the lab operator.


Our history

Cruma was founded in 1974 in Barcelona by Nico Canals and, since then, it has become a worldwide supplier of safety laboratory equipment: chemical filtration ductless fume hoods, laminar flow cabinets, chemical storage cupboards, weighing cabinets and biosafety cabinets among others.

As a family-owned company with Mediterranean roots, we have a very special business culture that is reflected in our daily way of doing business. We have a high degree of commitment and assume long-term responsibilities to serve our customers in the best possible way. Personal integrity, trust and loyalty are core values for us. To support our employees in their highly responsible work, we encourage them to train continuously.

All of our products were designed to protect the laboratory personnel, their work and, what’s more, the environment. They are manufactured in accordance with the strictest International Standards and in line with the recommendations included in the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2015.

More than 50 years’ experience and the three main principles behind our creation: high-quality products, constant innovation and the flexible, personalized service that our customers require.

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